From what I can see, it takes a perfect combination to be an elite athlete.

  • Passion: You have to enjoy the sport you play or compete in.
  • Drive: You have to be driven to succeed. This drive has to be that much stronger than the dude sitting next to you.
  • Discipline: There is some serious discipline required in order to keep yourself focussed on your short term and long terms goals so you are able to achieve them.
  • Perspective: You need to be able to enjoy the whole journey or what’s it all for?

I can honestly say, if you tossed all 4 of these ingredients around in a bowl you would not mix up a Karen Parry however…

…I have had the great privilege of knowing a few people who have been blessed with all of the above. The passion, the drive, the discipline and the perspective. If these people don’t inspire me to do better and achieve more out of life, I don’t know who will.

We had the honour this weekend of watching my nephew John Parry (one of the awesome elite athletes I know) in a Canadian Nationals Competition at the Whistler Olympic Park for cross country skiing. This kid is an unbelievable athlete. It’s insane what he can achieve and what he has achieved. Cash and Jude were looking at him like he was a super hero. With eyes wide open like saucers staring at him whenever he spoke they absorbed his every word. It’s certainly a site to see and what a great role model for them to have.

We don’t know how he placed yet as they consider his times from the entire week (he has several different types of races he will be competing in) and his score is averaged out at the end. I look forward to hearing how this killer athlete did at the end of the week and will be sure to keep you posted.

Maybe if I keep up with my Tracy Anderson and running etc. I can achieve being like a freckle on an Elite Athlete’s arm. Short term goals baby…short term goals. Btw, I’ll be your freckle Carla.

Here are a couple of pictures of our super hero and his fans after he completed his race. Several of these guys crossed the finish line and collapsed to the ground for a couple of minutes to recuperate. Not John though. He looked at us, smiled and then came around to give us all a hug. If I worked as hard as he did, I’d still be curled up at the finish line sawing logs.

The Boys With Their Big Cousin and the Sign They Cheered Him On With

The Boys With Their Big Cousin and the Sign They Cheered Him On With

Jude * John * Cash

Jude * John * Cash

The Boys Outside the Waxing Tank (the guy who was waxing the teams skis was so cute I asked him if he did Brazilians...)

The Boys Outside the Waxing Tank (the guy who was waxing the teams skis was so cute I asked him if he did Brazilians…)

Side note: You can look forward to a post coming up. I will be interviewing an unbelievable friend and killer athlete. She’s a hottie too. (Wonder if you can guess who I’m talking about)


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