Wish List Spring Edition

Unfortunately, TA was not in the cards for me today. Still coughing but definitely feeling better. Even though I was feeling crappy I was still planning on giving it a shot but after a last minute dinner guest (Stretcharama) and a couple of glasses if wine it was easier to just not do it. The work out would have been a disaster anyways. I still can’t go 10 minutes without coughing up…gross shit, so I think I made the right call. Instead I enjoyed a great visit with a great friend, a lovely dinner made by the husband, song and dance entertainment from the kids and a hot shower to finish of a long day.

Tonight I’m going to post my new spring wish list for gear. Yesterday the sun was out and we were on the driveway playing hockey and soccer and baseball and I was getting excited for hiking, biking (as in cruising), runs on the sea wall and all the other stuff we do in Vancouver when we get some natural Vitamin D. It occurred to me that most of my gear is black. In fact most of my wardrobe is grey or black and when the sun is shining I want to brighten things up a bit. Here is my plan:

I loved my winter pullover so much I will definitely be needing one during the spring/summer for those cloudy days.

Stash & Dash Pull Over, Lululemon, $128.00

I love working out outdoors in long sleeves. I’m not the biggest fan of my upper arms so this would be the perfect shirt for a nice hike.

Devotion Long Sleeved T $68

Some colourful track pants. LOVE these for lazing around on Saturday morning and I really need to move past wearing RJ’s Russell’s.

Green Bay Pant, Aritzia, $55

Green Bay Pant, Aritzia, $55

I have not worn shorts since I was like 13 so this will be a big step for me. I’m gonna give it a shot this year with these:

Pace Short, Lululemon,  $54

Pace Short, Lululemon, $54

I need to get a new sports bra no matter how much I don’t adore them. This one looks pretty cute!

Pirouette Bra, Lululemon, $42

Pirouette Bra, Lululemon, $42

LOVE this hoodie…even if it is grey.

Women's SMC Yoga CU Hoodie, Adidas, $175

Women’s SMC Yoga CU Hoodie, Adidas, $175

And for some colour while I go, these leggings are the perfect fit.

Wunder Under Pant, Lululemon, $82

Wunder Under Pant, Lululemon, $82

The last thing I will need to get are some NIKE Shox. I have always loved my Shox and even though Tracy Anderson recommends them for her program I have never once worn them to do my work out. I have 3 pairs somewhere in a box in our garage under a dozen other boxes waiting to be unpacked in our house (if we ever find one) so it’s time for a new pair.

I plan on posting some pic’s as I cross these items off my list.

Nuh night…

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