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Another day, another box of Kleenex. Seems the Oregano Oil is not working as well as I thought it would. I seem to be in worse shape today but the good news is, I’m one step closer to feeling better. Every day done is another day done.

I managed to get out for a nice walk with Knox earlier but it was neither strenuous nor did my heart rate lift to any spectacular rate. That’s okay though…I got some fresh air and had a “natures shower” in the heavy rain. I’m hoping this little glitch doesn’t affect my running schedule too too badly. My first run back is just going to be whichever distance the sched. says it should be and if that means I have to struggle a bit then struggle I shall. I am just dying to get through this winter season and be done with these fucking flu bugs and colds. We’ve been hit hard two years in a row and I’m so over it. We will definitely be hitting up the Dr. for flu shots next year…in my experience they make all the difference for a long winter result.

I ate like a horse tonight. Made some mexican shredded chicken but instead of the pile I usually make I had 2 small corn tortillas which was not the healthiest decision but was most certainly the tastiest. All other ingredients were healthy and natural so I’m not completely riddled with guilt. Unfortunately, this cold did not come with a lack of appetite.

I am really hoping to get a good sleep tonight and am forcing myself to shut it all down early. I ended up staying awake till 12:30 last night catching up on “Enlightened”. Sooooooo freaking good. I swear on my life the last few HBO type series I’ve watched have had better writing than the last few movies I’ve watched. What’s up with that? Here are my definite “must see” recommendations:

  • Homeland
  • Breaking Bad
  • Enlightened
  • Game of Thrones
  • Survivor (totally Prime Time I know but my fave show none the less. One day  they’ll allow Canadians and you can watch me kick ass and win!)

That’s it for now. More to come on a future post. I would love to start doing some food/book/movie/tv/product reviews in the future. Why not start here?

Sleep well and fingers crossed I can run tomorrow.



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