Sick Boo Rain

I’ve been hit once again with a cold. It started with Jude, then Knox, then RJ and now me. Woke up this morning with very little voice and a nose full of crud and am now coughing with a scratchy throat. Kids are in bed and I’ve managed to gag myself through a few bouts of the giggles while watching “Enlightened”. Freaking love Amy. It’s time to count sheep now though and a deep sleep it will be considering I’ve been yawning between coughing and blowing my nose.

No run today…Booooooooo…I needed it. I will hopefully be able to pull something off tomorrow though. Rain or shine I’m gonna try and I actually like running in the rain. For some reason I feel like I’ve accomplished something really special when I get home soaking wet and out of breathe. I take a long hot shower and tend to feel like a millions bucks after.

For now I will continue to take my Oregano Oil to speed the healing process up. It tastes like shit but it’s a miracle worker.

Nuh nigh…

K xox


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