Weekend Over Me Sad

It’s only been a few days since my last post but it feels like it’s been over a week…I’m feeling a little rusty. Truth is, I had a very dear friend Nicole arrive from Calgary on Thursday night to stay for a few days. You have actually met her through this blog once or twice before. Nicole does a foodie post for me once in a while. She’s one of the best people walking this earth and I was so glad to have her here…just wish she lived closer so I could see her pretty face on a regular basis.

We had a killer weekend. I laughed so hard a few times I was coughing phloem out of my lungs for like 2 hours after each episode (the cause of one of these episodes is featured below). Part of Nic’s visit (well most of it) was just chilling, drinking coffee, catching up, doing little errands (poor Nic) and simply spending time together while the other part of it was dinners out, drinks with an attempt at dancing in Whistler and spending time with the rest of our Calgary girls. We rarely get to be together all at the same time so it was a really special moment when we all met up at the McCools for some wine, Vera’s Burgers & Fries (and Onion rings mmmmmmmm) and always… great conversation on Thursday night. I love my girlfriends and have struck gold with the women in my life. I have a post coming soon that has a lot to do with friendship and what my girlfriends have meant to me with regard to my physical health, mental health and well being but that is for another night.

Nic and I did manage to get a little Tracy Anderson out of the way on Saturday morning. It was so nice to get it done before we left for Whistler so we could really light up the night with less of a conscience….well at least I felt that way, I won’t speak for Nicole since the beauty needs no conscience at all…stunner.

Back to running tomorrow. I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of the running. I get bored and find I’m just barely pushing through because I have to…another post, another night for that. I’m up to 5 K now so I’m half way to my goal and am feeling pretty good about it all with the exception of the previously mentioned boredom.

Anyhoo…here’s a little video from our weekend trip to Whistler. Sorry Nic, I just had to show it. I’ve never looked more beautiful.

Explanation in our defence: We thought it was going to take a still shot of us but instead it was videotaping. When did “PHOTO”booth turn into “VIDEO”booth?


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