Tonight was ridiculous. I can honestly say I would go back in a second and redo it if I could however if I could go back in time I believe there would be a million other things I would correct first so I’m working with what I’ve got here. I decided for some reason to take some video for my Tracy Anderson series tonight and it did not go smoothly…AT ALL! I had what I thought was a fully charged battery for my camera but when I set it up…it was near death. So I plugged it in and grabbed my iPhone. Started taping with that, then it stopped at 2 minutes due to lack of storage. So I hit up my computer and removed a bunch of photos from the phone. 15 minutes later I tried again and my phone froze and could not record. So I grabbed the battery for the camera again since it had now charged for 20 minutes or so and it had just enough charge to get a bit done. Literally 1.5 minutes into videotaping, my camera stopped again but now because of lack of storage. I tried the phone again and it worked so I taped the rest. Keep in mind there was 2 flights of stairs between every problem (my charger, my computer & where I work out). Needless to say it was all a complete disaster and yes a video was thrown together but it’s terrible. The video’s bad, the music’s not good …it’s just all bad but at least you get to see some of the Tracy Anderson legs I do in the 3rd workout before I move onto the 4th.

One last thing…after reviewing the footage I was blown away by what a complete ditz I sounded like. I’d gone too far to turn back or give up so I just edited that little bitch together and stumbled across some funny effects I could incorporate and one of them suited the airhead in me. So well that I utilized it. Hopefully it’s not so realistic you don’t even notice.

Check it!


8 Comments on “Mercy

  1. That made me laugh so hard when I heard your voice like that!! Lol.
    Good job on the work out. You are lookin very trim.

  2. I just cried I laughed so hard. Thanks for that you crazy girl. So either you did a major dose of helium or you’re trying to sound like that annoying Kristen/Kirsten woman who helped host the red carpet at the Oscars. You’ve got some moves tho sista, you’ve got some moves!

  3. I know you just put this up to try to get voice work from me. You would be so annoying to hang out with if you sounded like this. You sound like a first class ding-a-ling…in every way. Amazingly ditzy. Imagine if TA saw this. You do look good though…which makes you even more annoying. xo

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