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I’ve finally registered for the Sun Run tonight so there’s no turning back now. I’m #565 which I hope is the same cluster of digits I pin to my shirt on the big day since I think it’s such a kick ass number. Thanks to Tonya for reminding me to register. Here I’ve been talking about it and training for it but have done nothing to make it official. Well…it’s official now!

Also, I’m sad (for me not you, though I’m sure they entertain you with a laugh) to say that I will not be doing Before & Afters until the beginning of April for a few reasons.

  1. I went to New York for 1 week at which time I ate a tonne and drank even more.
  2. RJ was away for a week and I got almost no fitness done while he was away.
  3. February was a short month?
  4. Mainly because I am now wanting to achieve muscle definition and I know it is unlikely any of my limbs have tightened up due to reason 1, 2 & 3 (if you even accept 3 as a legitimate reason).

I do know that my weight has managed to sit at a level I am happy with so this, to me, is very good news. On April 1st I will post my measurements as well…it’s been a while since I’ve looked at those changes. It is another exciting moment for me to look forward to. Hopefully the news ends up being good news…I’m nervous.

It’s 9:20 and I’m about to turn on Game of Thrones which will certainly bring on some crazy nightmares tonight. This is my new HBO series. I finished Homeland. Finished Arrested Development. Now I’m waist deep into this show and it’s insane. Dark, disturbing, gory, visually graphic (both sexually & violently),  and tragic so it’s shocking to me that I’ve become obsessed with it. I’m not obsessed with waking up in night sweats fearing for my life though. Those moments have been interesting.

I miss New York…

…want to be in Australia…

…love my new playlist…

…little ramblings.

Lastly, question of the day: Why does cellulite look so damn cute on a little baby but so disturbingly disturbing on us adults?

Knox's little arse at around 9 months.

Knox’s little arse at around 9 months.


One Comment on “This & That

  1. Hey lady there is a small chance I will be out of town now as its my 40th on the 20th but if not I will be there with ya!

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