Road Runner

RJ returned late Saturday afternoon and within an hour of him getting home I headed out the door and hit the road for a much needed run. It felt great. I managed to pull off 4 k which was more the the 3 suggested on my schedule. I decided I should push it a little further since I was unable to run earlier in the week and I really want to be ready for the sun run…even though it’s a “fun” run I want to achieve a decent time. I’m not entirely sure what a decent time is yet but I’ll figure out my goal soon enough. I plan on hitting up the West Vancouver seawall on Tuesday with Knox for another 4 k. Then I’ll have a 4 k Thursday and 3 k Saturday to finish off week two of training.

The legs are a little bit achy today but in a good way.

I hope you had a good weekend…I certainly did. As much as I love our boys playing on sports teams, it’s a lot of driving around and early weekend mornings. This weekend marked the completion of both soccer and hockey seasons for us. We left the house at 6:30 Saturday morning and did not return until around 3:00 in the afternoon (unusual for sure as we had a tournament and a team wrap up party on that day) but it was a great way to sign off. You can imagine how happy I was when RJ walked in the door shortly after us and I was even happier to get out for a little run with just the notes of my playlist thrumming through my ears.

See you tomorrow!




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