Sentimental Me

I’m frickin exhausted. RJ’s out of town until Saturday so it’s been nuts. A terrible week to start my  10K training…it definitely has not gone as smoothly as I would have liked. In fact I asked Tonya today if it would be terrible to park the car next to a race track near by and have the kids sit in the car while I ran 8 laps (4 laps = 1.5 Km). She reaffirmed my feelings that that would be a very bad idea. Soooo, I picked the kids up from school, did a couple of quick errands, came home, bailed on Jude’s skating lessons (guilt free because Jude has been sick this week), made a healthy dinner for all and got the kids into bed at a decent hour after going through Cash’s gem collection once again…he LOVES his gems and I do love his passion for collecting little trinkets and treasures. There must be over 100 stones in that little wooden box and he can remember who gave him what rock or where he found it and when he got it. He has his fathers mind when it comes to remembering details bless his lucky heart.

I did not run and I did not work out at all. In fact after the kids went to bed I folded statements for our clients (month end was today on top of it all), then sealed them up in envelopes and stamped them so they are ready for the mail first thing tomorrow morning…aaaaahhhh…what a relief to get that done. Needless to say it’s been a hectic and stressful week but do you know what puts it all into perspective? When I climb up the stairs to my bedroom and see this…

Two Little Bunnies Fast Ashnooze

Two Little Bunnies Fast Ashnooze

Two out of my three little bunnies found their way into our room and into our bed and were sleeping soundly when I climbed in…I love them so much. I just have to say… I am so grateful to have these kids for many many reasons. Obvious reasons I’m sure to all of you who are Moms or Dads. But for me, these past few months have been difficult for me in terms of starting a business that is growing so fast, moving, selling, working, raising kids and just being so busy and unable to focus a lot of the time. These sweet, funny, kind, loving, energetic little boys put all of this life into perspective for me on a regular basis. They don’t even know the thousands of dollars of therapy their beautiful faces are worth. When I look into those eyes…love and family is really all that matters and that’s a fact. Just getting sentimental after a long day. xox


5 Comments on “Sentimental Me

  1. Mmmmwaaaa, little bunny boo boo’s indeed. Love you Special K…you are doing a wonderful job in life, period. By the way, my Uncle Rick collected rocks as a kid (was obsessed) and went on to be a very successful geologist working in Calgary for his whole career (retired now). A lovely example of following a childhood passion. xo

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