Playlist 2

Since I’m going to be running a lot more than usual, an updated playlist will be needed quite regularly I suspect. Today, instead of posting my playlist like I did last time, I’ve added the videos for each song. It’s still too many clicks to take a quick listen with the playlist program that works with this blog so I figured this was a simpler way to do it not to mention it will be a much more entertaining way of listening. I think I managed to get most links without advertisements but there may be one or two that snuck in.

When I run I like nice steady music. Nothing too fast because I love to daydream while running. I go to a whole other place so this playlist is somewhat mellow but gooooooood. Since a chunk of my besties are in Palm Springs at the moment (wish I coulda pulled it off), if one of them happens upon this blog while your away it’s perfect poolside tunage as well.

Right now my absolute fave is Big Blue Wave by Hey Ocean. I always have and still do LOVE running to Lovers in Japan and can not seem to get enough of Mumford & Sons…they start off mellow then build up to some true beats. J’ADORE my little Mumfy.

This whole playlist gives me about and hours worth of running tunes which is perfect for me. Hope you find something new you like!


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