Dining Out?

Go to House Guest!

Last night I got the very fortunate opportunity to go to a menu tasting at House Guest in Gastown with a couple of dear friends. House Guest has just brought in a new Chef, Jimmy Stewart, who created little masterpieces for the tastebuds and the eyes. Using locally grown food, this kid (he’s 25) has created a menu which is extremely creative and delish! I would go into more detail about what we ate but a food critic I am not. Also, it would take a really great writer (which again, I am not) to use the appropriate adjectives to do this very talented chef any justice. I just highly recommend you go to House Guest for a dinner you will never forget.

I’ve attached this little video of the chef. It was sent out to the invitees to promote the restaurant and to offer you an idea of what is in store for your tummy if you choose to go. And a little added bonus?…Mr. Stewart is adorbs.

Thanks for tagging me along Stretch. I owe you 1…er…or like…87.


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