The DVDs

The DVDs

I don’t think I’ve ever told you guys the exact details of the workout I’m doing. I get lots of questions about what the Tracy Anderson workout consists of and how long it takes and where did I get it etc. So here is a little Q & A of the most common questions and answers.

These are the 4 Metamorphosis Programs. I started with Hipcentric and will start Omnicentric once I'm done.

These are the 4 Metamorphosis Programs. I started with Hipcentric and will start Omnicentric once I’m done.

How long does it take to do each day?

There is a half hour Dance Cardio portion and a half hour Transform Workout to follow the cardio up with. The Cardio consists of some dance and aerobic mix while the Transform Workout is  approximately 7 minutes of arms, 7 minutes of abs and 15/16 minutes of legs. I often get it done in under 45 minutes for a couple of reasons.

  1. I sometimes start to get bored around 20 minutes into the cardio. I then push myself another 5-10 minutes or if I’m really done…I stop.
  2. The number of reps Tracy recommends you do on the legs (generally around 40) is usually more than I can complete so I move onto the next leg exercise after doing about 30.
  3. I only have “X” amount of time to spare and I want to get something done within that time instead of doing nothing.

I let myself bail early once in a while because I need this to be a program that is sustainable for me. If I push through every single time and am wanting to quit for part of it…I just know I’ll be more inclined to avoid doing it at all next time. Sooooo when I’m done, I’m done. I just always make sure I at least get started!

Do you workout to the music that comes with the DVD or do you workout to your own music?

For the cardio I listen to my own music. I’ve been doing it for a long enough time that I don’t need to listen to Tracy’s direction. Occasionally I listen to her tips to tighten up a move or to be sure I’m doing it all correctly. Her tips are super helpful and sometimes after doing a move in a way I thought was correct for a very long time I will listen to her and discover I was wrong. The slight adjustment I make with her direction makes all the difference. Whenever I start a new followup workout I always listen to her direction the first couple of times to be sure I’m doing the movements correctly. Here are your options when playing the DVD’s:

  • Play with Audio and Tracy’s Voiceover Instruction
  • Play with Audio only
  • Play with Tracy’s Voiceover Instruction only

Where can I get the Metamorphosis DVDs?

Just across the border at Target! You can also order online. I’ve done both. I bought Hipcentric online which took a few weeks to arrive and I bought Omnicentri (the very last one on the shelf) in New York at a Target. Here are a couple of links to help you out:

Doesn’t all the jumping around bother your knees?

Yes. There is definitely some extra strain on your knees when jumping as much you do in the cardio portion. It’s important to land softly and to keep your knees bent. Tracy talks about that on the DVD and gives a few tips on how to soften the blow. I will say, when I work out on the hardwood floor it’s much more forgiving than the concrete floor (covered in a thin sheet of carpet) in the basement at our current residence. Apparently Tracy’s studio has a spring lined hardwood floor for her cardio and dance. That would be a dream…maybe RJizzle will have to build a floor like that in a gym in our future house!?!

When do you do the workout?

All different parts of the day but usually in the evening when Knox has gone to bed. In the morning on the weekends or the odd afternoon while Knox naps (unfortunately I adore that downtime to myself so much that I usually bathe in the silence). When we find a replacement for me at the office I will look forward to doing it in the morning when the kids have left for school. I LOVE getting it done earlier in the day.

Well those are some very good questions and some “hopefully” helpful answers…if you were wondering.

Here are a couple more Before & After results thanks to Metamorphosis including Tracy herself. Found the others on the web. Great work girls!…whoever you are.

Tracy Anderson in 1996 Before & After Metamorphosis

Tracy Anderson Before & After…Tracy Anderson Method

Before & After thanks to TA

Before & After thanks to TA

Before & Afters thanks to TA

Before & Afters thanks to TA


2 Comments on “Metamorphosis

  1. Karen… keep up the good work!! Also, do you do the program that targets your ‘problem area’ and then the ‘omni’ for all over?

  2. Hey Nat, no you don’t have to do both at all. I have discovered throughout this process that I actually carry my weight fairly evenly all over as opposed to hips, ass & thighs. I’ve lost more inches on my upper back and waist than my thighs so I decided to get Omnicentri for long term maintanence. When I started this program I thought I was all hips and thighs…apperently I was wrong. I honestly think you would be Omni too. K

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