True Confessions

I managed to do really well in New York for the first 48 hours. Eating salads, lean meats and very healthy snacks. Confession? That all ended once I had my first slice of pizza at Bond 45 in Times Square on Saturday night. It sort of looked like this:

Yep, it was delish.

Yep, it was delish.

All went down hill from there. It wasn’t as bad as the old Karen but it was definitely not touching the new. I have no regrets however, since I kept active and most likely burned any extra calories I was consuming by walking through the awesome streets of Manhattan. Here’s where I rightfully have guilt; since my return I have been tired (since I was 3 hours ahead for a day or two) and in a bit of a lull readjusting to a schedule that doesn’t revolve solely around me (whoa is me, I know) so I’ve been eating poorly. I convinced myself that I would just enjoy a solid week of yummy garbage which included onion rings from A & W, vermicelli noodles with spring rolls, Ina Gartens Chicken Picatta (which I made with salad instead of risotto at least) & three packs of the ridiculously tasty mini oatmeal cookies pictured below. These were consumed over the two days since I got home and not all at once I assure you but they came with guilt none the less.

And it twas a my mouth.

And it twas a celebration…in my mouth.

This morning I hit up my DVD’s for the first time in over a week. It was so good to see Tracy again…like seeing a long lost friend. A friend who you always feel better after visiting. Also, after my morning shake I ate really well all day so I feel I’ve redeemed myself a little bit.

Reunited and it feels so good...Reunited 'cuz we're understood...

Reunited and it feels so good…Reunited ‘cuz we’re understood…

Once again I just feel crappy when I eat crappy. I don’t know why I go back there…EVER!?! It’s crazy.

Anyhoo, I’m back. My legs are aching a bit since I’ve only been running and using other muscles for a week but I feel great. I have to amp up these workouts now in order to get the more defined results. I’m gonna make me sweat till I bleed.

A little sweat on the brow never hurt anyone.

A little sweat (and the odd wrinkle) on the brow never hurt anyone.

I’ve got to go go go.

KP xox


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