Before & Afters 1.3.13

Okay so this is slightly horrifying for me but it is what it is.

I’ve been at this thing for 4 months now (this includes a terrible December with regards to fitness…flu bug) and I have managed to lose a few much needed L-B’s. What I am looking forward to now is some definition under the skin, a winning fight against gravity in the ass area and maybe a tan. My biggest problem area is my butt & thighs (and arms and abs I suppose). In order to keep a nice view of what’s going on I felt the need to lose the gear for the before & after pictures. I’ve convinced myself it will be just like wearing a bikini (as if that isn’t bad enough). I’m strengthening my limbs as I work out and the exterior chub I was carrying around has been slipping away making way for muscles to make an appearance. Now this is what I’m really excited about. I have never had definition. NEVER! If this works, I will be out of my mind excited for the summer and I will be proven completely wrong. I just always thought my body type was meant to be soft-ish. It will be the first summer in a long time that I will be ecstatic pumped alright not completely horrified with the idea of wearing a swimsuit on the beach. In the past I have wanted to just hide under a rock until the beach is completely empty. I’d go to a beach on the other side of the island, or “accidentally” fall into the sea with all my clothes on…hey…while I’m wet I might as well just swim for a bit right? Or if I managed to get a moment at the beach when everyone else was fishing or hiking or napping, I’d jump in for a quick cool down. Usually my safety zone was in the evening. Sad but true. The upside to this is I have been swimming amongst the most beautiful phosphorescence during my evening dips at the bay. We bonded that plankton and I. Bottom line is this; I would love to be comfortable playing around in the water with my boys no matter who’s around.

If I could continue to tighten this bod up it would be quite an achievement for me. Skinny fat to long & lean was always the plan so I feel confident I’m on the right path. By looking at this pictures I feel very proud about how far I’ve come. Mainly because of the fact that I haven’t really felt deprived of my favourite foods and I continue to enjoy my workouts. I eat chinese when we want to order chinese, I eat a burger & fries when out at a pub, I have a Whole Foods Snickerdoodle whenever I’m passing through but I’ve made some serious day to day changes for the better. I work out every 2nd day with a few back to backs in the middle here & there. I start my day off with something in my tummy. I jump at the chance and in fact seek out opportunities to try new and fun ways to get in some fitness. I am having a blast doing this and the skinnyfat blog, once again, has played a very significant roll in helping me get to where I am. Thanks if you’ve checked in once in a while…every little bit helps.

Onto the inevitable. Please be warned I still have a ways to go. I’ve just been patting myself on the back because of where I’ve come from.









6 Comments on “Before & Afters 1.3.13

  1. Wow K! What a change! You look great! I am really impressed by your abbs in the first shot. This gives me hope for after baby. You are my mentor. I want start the TA videos as soon as I can work out again. Keep it up the good work!

  2. Wowwwweeeeee!!! You rock sista! The photo from the back is very impressive, you have worked hard!! I gotta say though that you should not let ANYTHING stop you from getting in that water at any time with your boys. At the very end of the very last day you will not be caring about what you looked like in that bathing suit, but hopefully there will be lots of gorgeous memories for those incredible boys of their BEAUTIFUL, carefree, funny momma splashing around with them when they were young. With love always…you are inspiring me you know! Way to make being healthy a priority Karen! You are doing a great job with your blog. xoxo

  3. Wow Karen you should be proud !!! You look amazing – you have worked hard and I know that u will rock that bikini come summer!!!!

  4. Fabulous! You should be super proud of yourself…your hard work and patience has paid off. Total babe!

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