A Good Run & A Terrible Video

Well yesterday I got out for my first training session for the 10K Sun Run in April. It was a little drizzly but fresh and beautiful as well. How could I go wrong when running right along the edge of the west coast? Tonya joined me at the seawall where we took off at a good pace which we managed to keep for 2 km. I feel pretty confident we could have done the whole 4 K without stopping but we had planned to walk the first half back then run to finish. We threw a little sprint in there which charged us up. It felt great and I look forward to getting down to a regular schedule in February. I will be posting the 8 week running schedule I will be following leading up to the official run sometime in February if anybody cares to follow along and join me on the run perhaps.?. We’ve got a small crew at the moment. It’s gonna be fun! Anyhoo…for the time being, I am required to be doing a regular 3 km run before I start so I am aspiring to nail that down first. So far so good. I felt great yesterday.

We finished off our run with a Tracy Anderson leg workout. I am working very hard to lift my butt back up but gravity is proving to be a very difficult bitch to defeat. Gotta keep working that be-hind.

We did take a bit of footage of our little adventure but it was so windy you can barely hear anything…so I wasn’t going to post it…but I will attach a pathetic little slideshow of us running a teeny tiny bit and some leg stuff which was done in front of a magnificent view. It really is a pathetic video but it’s better than nothing I believe.

btw…don’t judge the lid. I get ear-aches running in the cold if my little nubs aren’t covered.

See…I told you it was lame.



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