Dancing With the Stars

I am feeling like a beast today for a few reasons.

  1. I just ate a huge plate of Sushi. Most of it was sashimi but when I ordered over the phone they misunderstood my order for a healthy roll and made me a Gyoza instead. Let me just say…it was delish!
  2. I decided not to work out tonight due to reason number 3.
  3. I got my period today. No matter how much I love being a woman I will never love getting my period. I feel bloated, crampy, tired (yawning all day long), I’m a little chippy (don’t tell RJ I admitted to that) and my lower back aches like a mother f*$%er. There is one serious upside to this womanly flow…I’m definitely not pregnant.

In lieu of working out in my basement tonight, I’ve been watching Tracy workout on YouTube. I’ve been contemplating getting the actual “Dance Method” DVDs from TA so decided to check a bit of it out before making the call. The moves would definitely require more space than I currently have to move around in but I have a super private backyard so when it warms up and we have the odd day without rain that could be where I do it. It’s a little more involved but it flows in steps and once you’ve memorized the moves you can do the dance anywhere. This would be very handy for me at the cabin this summer since I’ll have lots of space to workout but no TV to follow. Shouldn’t make for any roomers or questions amongst my lovely neighbours at the bay or anything…you know…like, what’s up with that crazy Smith kid who’s always dancing around like a mad animal down at the beach? They already think there’s something off with me no doubt. As Bonnie Raitt says, “Let’s give em something to talk about”.

Here’s Tracy with Nicole Richie doing the dance program I would like to learn.


Here is another dance program but this one is broken down into steps. I’m going to follow this one right off of YouTube and give it a shot.


Here’s a cute little video where Kelly Ripa takes her hubby for a TA workout. This will give you an idea of what her studio is like. It’s killer and has got some very unique equipment and interesting muscle defining devices. Bucket list “to do”: Workout in her gym at least once in my life!!!


And these are two leg workouts Tracy did up for Gwyneth Paltrow in training for Iron Man 2. It’s the same routine just on opposite legs. I’ll definitely be giving this a shot…it just won’t be tonight.

Side note: I’m not entirely sure why a couple of these videos are showing up as links but I have to go to bed now and will work on it tomorrow.


One Comment on “Dancing With the Stars

  1. Karen you are really inspiring me to start working out and to use the TA method. I think I will ask for her videos for valentines day, plus the time to use it. Love you keep up the good work. ps I got my period yesterday too. I have never had such heavy flow as I do now. Whats that all about?

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