Enough Already

Ummm I work my ass butt brain off and this is the thanks I get? Come on. Listen…I’m in love with my full back panties as most of you know. Even before having children I just have never liked having anything crammed in between my butt cheeks (get those mean jokes out of your head Carla). My distaste for the thong has strengthened since I had kids too because of some thing that starts with “h” and rhymes with temmeroids. My point is this; I was hoping that on top of strengthening my body and helping me lose a few lbs, working out would somehow contribute to less of an underwear line in my workout gear but alas, it has not….yet anyways. Back up to my room for a thong…YAY! My poor little asshole;(

Oh My Word

Oh My Word


3 Comments on “Enough Already

  1. You are to funny!!! You should try Hanky Pankys they are a really comfortable thong option. Also Victoria’s Secret makes a knock off version very similar. That’s all I wear.

  2. Hate thongs too! I agree with Tanya that Hanky Pankys are the closest I’ve come to being comfortable in one. My advice? Scrap the undies all together! Commando workouts, baby!

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