Frustrated Incorporated


That’s what I swear it sounded like every time I touched the ground today during my workout. What gives? I think it took till today for the holidays to catch up with me or something because that was a depressing workout. I felt heavy, the opposite of light on my feet, uncoordinated and clumsy. I was missing steps in the cardio portion I usually know by memory. I swear Tracy smiled at one point in the video and I was like “Is she laughing at me? She doesn’t usually smile at that part”. I would like to know why this happens. I know it’s happened to me before and I can’t predict when it’s going to happen nor can I understand why. It is what it is and it is super frustrating.

Off to take a shower and pack for my night away tomorrow. I’m heading up to Whistler with two of my best girls Carla & Shannon for a snowshoeing adventure so I won’t be able to post but you can guarantee a photo journal in the next few days. Werd!



One Comment on “Frustrated Incorporated

  1. I hate those workouts. I have entire soccer games where I can barely lift one leg in front of the other, let alone kick a ball and sprint…yet I still have too. I hear ya, Sista.

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