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Well I’ve already introduced this darling to you all so with no further adieux, here’s Nicole’s first guest post.

First off let me just highlight that I am NOT an expert. I am just a regular wife, mom of two, and someone who has always struggled with her weight. I am 35 (I think), 5′ 8”, and through the course of my 20-30’s usually weighed around 150. Once I found out I was expecting my first child I threw caution to the wind and ate anything I wanted including chocolate lava cakes almost nightly and gained roughly 75 lbs. With my second I was a little better and gained about 55 lbs. My youngest son just turned 9 months and since he was born, I have changed my eating lifestyle forever! I currently weigh 130 lbs (my ideal weight) and went from struggling to fit in a size 10/32 to wearing a size 2-4/26-27 (Brand dependent). Today I am going to share with you, one of the many changes I have made in my life. An extremely important part of my healthy lifestyle.

You are what you drink…

This is nothing original… its nothing new… its not mind blowing, well really none of my tips will be. We generally all know this basic info but being reminded of the benefits of something so simple has contributed significantly to me losing 90 lbs. Sometimes it’s nice to be taught how to add a new twist to the old original or at the very least, be reminded of the obvious. This is what I hope to do for you today.

OK…drum roll please…..its WATER! Yes water. I drink coffee 3 times per day (no sugar but loaded with cream), red wine, and water, water, water. That’s it. No pop, no juice, no Starbucks fancy anything, no cocktails, etc.

Water can be boring so I change it up all the time. Infuse it with everything and anything. From cranberries and ginger, or raspberries, lemon and mint, cucumber and orange slices, cinnamon and pomegranates, or strawberries and basil. The possibilities are endless. I make a new infusion every other day (I find the infusions stay fresh for two days), I make a large batch in my wine decanter as it holds 4 cups so I know I need to drink two full batches (minimum) and keep it staring at me so I keep refilling my glass. 

So in a Nutshell:

  1. Infuse water to your liking daily (or every second day)
  2. Place in a large pitcher, craft, decanter and keep it in plain view
  3. Know how much you are drinking (min 8 glasses, as we all know!)
  4. Refill, Refill, Refill
Raspberries, Lemon & Mint

Raspberries, Lemon & Mint

Figs, Orange & Basil

Figs, Orange & Basil

Pretty Just Sitting on the Counter Top

Pretty Just Sitting on the Counter Top


One Comment on “Nicole 1

  1. Great post, Nic! Good infusion ideas! On that note, I get a few cups in by making hot water and lemon. Really warm and comforting in the winter… I can drink several large cups while on the computer or watching tv instead of coffee/ tea. Hot water and fresh mint leaves is great too 🙂

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