Introducing Nicole

I have a few very exciting things up my sleeve for 2013.  One of my favourite things is my super cute friend Nicole. I met Nic in 2001 while RJ & I were living in Calgary and we just clicked instantly. The kind of instant friendship that rarely occurs but when it does, it’s golden. I got very lucky with my girls in Calgary and Nicole is one of the very best. Just a few of the memories of my time hanging with Nik are:

  • Hanging out daily on my porch on 5A Street
  • Laughing our faces off uncontrollably at things that were so ridiculous we could never possibly explain the hilarity to anyone without sounding demented
  • Lattes
  • Shopping
  • Drinking
  • Dancing
  • Dreaming

We did the last point very well and with passion (if you didn’t get that from all my caps). We had all of our little hot spots we’d go to on a regular basis to fill our gut. Indian, Japanese, Vietnamese, Chilean, Italian, Mexican…oh my word my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Anyhoo, I moved back to Vancouver, pumped out a few babies and you kinda know where I sit now. Nicole remains in Calgary and also had a couple babies and has lost a her baby weight by diet alone. I asked Nic if she’d be open to sending some Before & After pic’s for us and she said yes. So… here goes nothing Nic.






The reason I am introducing Nic to my blog is because over the course of the last couple of months she has continued to show amazing support by sending me snack, meal and general diet tips. Small little quick tips that are low on calories and high on flavour and protein. Her ideas are creative and tasty and definitely worth showcasing so I asked if she would mind sharing her tips and she said yes! Nicole will be contributing a dietary tip every couple of weeks. She, like myself, loves the taste of great food and I know she will inspire us to clean up our insides by what we consume from the outside.

I had the opportunity to pick Nicole’s brain a bit and find out how she gained and lost her weight, whether she’s able to indulge now and again, what she does for fitness and much much more. You can look forward to her first foodie post later in the week. For now, I’m so pleased to introduce Mrs. Nicole Murray.

Nicole, if you don’t mind, I’d like for you to start off by giving us a little background on what your fitness/diet routine was prior to having kids.

Well that all depends on what stage of life I was at. Through my childhood I was a very average weight/size. Never skinny and never fat. I have always had a love hate relationship with food, I love it and it hates me. I have never been one that could eat whatever I wanted and it wouldn’t show, I am what I eat…If I eat hamburgers I look like a hamburger, if I eat green beans I look like a green bean. As for my diet for the majority of my life I have always been aware of the “good” and “bad” food and tried to balance it just enough to stay around the same size. If my jeans were feeling a little tight or had a special event I wanted to look a little smaller for I would consume a little more good and a little less bad. I have also been on many diets. All with the same outcome… short term weight loss.

As for fitness I have never really been a fan. Well, that’s not true. When I’m in a fitness stage of life I enjoy it (I’m an all or nothing girl). I have had many gym memberships and all of them have started with great intentions and ended with me paying for many months without stepping inside. Really all of my fitness has been in sports and short lived so I won’t go into detail.

I lived in Calgary with you before I had my first child and I can honestly say that I almost never cooked at home prior to having kids. I ate out (with you usually) for every meal so having kids was a total reality check for me as far as stocking the fridge, making balanced meals and preparing meals on a regularly set schedule. Did you find this as well?

Hell Yes!

Do you have any fridge stocking ideas for us? Your “must have” shopping list for the week?

Really it’s no big secret, veggies, veggies, veggies, fruit, meat, fresh herbs, cheese, and nuts. I really stick to the outside perimeter of the super market.

How much weight did you gain during your pregnancies?

75 lbs with Emmett, and 55 lbs with Heath, give or take a few….

How much have you lost since having Heath 10 months ago?

Probably around 75 lbs. And from my heaviest to now probably around 90 lbs.

Would you say you lost this weight with a combination of fitness & diet, just fitness or just diet?

Just diet and carrying around 20lbs (Heath) or 30lbs (Emmett) off and on throughout the day.

You have two beautiful boys, Emmett 2 and Heath 10 months. How do you prepare healthy meals and snacks for yourself with two little boys that are at such a high demand age?

It’s not always easy but I try to double up or triple up, meaning, I make large quantities of something that can easily be transformed into a second and third meal to cut down on time. Keep reading my guest post to get more tips for this.

What types of snacks do you have handy at all times for a quick nibble?

You will have to keep posted for this answer…..

Do you have any store bought snacks that you could recommend? Snacks that are ready to go, right out of the package?


Do you ever indulge in a big fat burger and fries? I know how much you love those babies and so do I & this is something I am not willing to kiss goodbye to forever. You?

Of course! You have to live! Everything in moderation.

Sweet or savory?


Do you ever count calories?

Kinda, I don’t keep a record or tally but I’m always aware of what’s going in and again everything in moderation.

Since you told us that you have lost the majority of your weight by eating healthy, are you content with that or would you like to introduce some fitness to your routine as well?

I would love to add fitness to my routine (TA) but I just don’t have the time right now, or don’t feel the huge push to make time because I am at my ideal weight.

I often hear people talk about a complete lifestyle change. I never understood that…I never really thought it was possible because I tried so many times to “change my life” and failed. I do feel like this journey has been life changing for me in that everything I have been doing is sustainable for me. I don’t push myself to hard or limit myself too much. Do you feel that your diet change is a life changing type of situation? I guess I mean, are you completely happy with the results, with your daily routine and with your diet? Is it sustainable for you?

This is a life health change for me and I will live this way from now on. This was and is not a diet! Totally sustainable for me.

What is your all time favorite healthy snack?

Banana and peanut butter.

Is your favorite indulgent snack still Peanut Butter M & M’s? If not, what is?



4 Comments on “Introducing Nicole

  1. Hi Nicole, looking forward to your tips, but just so you know, I kinda hate you already for looking so good and not working out. xo Meg (the shorter chubbier one of the group 😉

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