I’m Back

2013First of all…Happy New Year!

Welcome back to a new year, a fresh start and a new kick off to dropping the LB’s gained over this yummy holiday. I certainly gained 1 or 5. This post will be short but sweet. I have put together a little welcome back video however, I was rushed in doing so. The result; out of focus (which I helped mask a bit by turning the whole video into a cartoon) and bad camera placement (there was no masking this shitty directorial error). It is what it is though and it is only meant to be a fun start to 2013 with a little Tracy Anderson Method. Btw…Tracy encourages freestyle dance so I incorporated a bit of it in this video. See if you can differentiate between the moves I own and the moves that belong to Tracy. It’s not gonna be as easy as you think. I got skills.


4 Comments on “I’m Back

  1. Nice to have you back! What an improvement! You move like a real live fitness guru…not like the drunk monkey you were before. Nice!

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