Hi girls,

Welcome back to The Skinny Fat Blog. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and I super hope that you all got what you wished for under the tree. We had a very busy time that just flew by and we’re now getting geared up for the New Year. I love a  fresh start. It always feels good for me mentally to have a fair, somewhat guilt free and reasonable excuse for a new beginning in those areas that have fallen behind.

I have been working on my comeback workout video and it’s not quite ready yet so I will go ahead and post a little something which is dedicated to Mrs. Rebecca Legge since she has requested more recipes. Dinner tonight was:

Mexican Shredded Chicken Pile

Everyone in the house is happy with this fan favourite. I do this really quickly and though there are other variations that may be more fancy, this is the quick, easy and tasty version that is possible to do whilst keeping a little one off of your ankles and answering impossible questions like “Mom, do people go to live on the moon when they die or…where do they go?” at the same time. Here is what you need (a lot of the portions are based on common sense & personal taste in which case they are up to you):

  • 3 Chicken Breasts (1/2 Breasts)
  • 3 Avocados
  • 15 Cherry Tomatoes
  • Fist Full of Cilantro
  • 2 – 3 Limes (Depends on how much you fancy the fruit)
  • 1 Jalapeño
  • 3/4 Cup diced Purple Onion
  • 1/4 of a green cabbage
  • Fat Free Sour Cream
  • Sea Salt & Pepper to taste


  • In a shallow pan fill enough water to just cover the chicken breasts (you can also roast them in the oven with a little olive oil, S & P and lime at 350 for 45 mins). Before submerging them, bring the water to a boil after adding some salt and pepper. Add the chicken breast and bring the stove down to a hot simmer. Let these cook for about 20 minutes.

While the chicken is cooking or earlier in the day:


  • Chop your tomatoes into whatever size you wish. Sometimes I make the pieces really tiny. As you can see, tonight I made the salsa chunky. Toss them in a small serving bowl.
  • Dice up half the cilantro really small…as small as you can. Toss this in with the tomatoes.
  • Cut the Jalapeño in half lengthwise. Remove the seeds. Cut half in long thin strips then chop the strips into tiny little pieces. Toss them in with the Cilantro & Toms.
  • Throw in 1/2 of your diced onion.
  • Squeeze in 1/2 – 1 full lime. I LOVE lime so I always use the whole thing.
  • Stir it up with some sea salt and pep sister and let it sit. Like I said, you can and should definitely do this earlier in the day to get it out of the way. Not to mention… when those flavours have the opportunity to make love for a few hours you wouldn’t believe the magic that kisses your taste buds.


  • Another one to do earlier if you get a chance.
  • Cut the Avocado in half. Remove the pit. With a knife slice into the avocado to make a grid creating 1/2″ squares. Take a large spoon and scoop the pre-cut pieces out and into a serving dish (should have taken a picture of this…hopefully this makes sense). Do this with all three avocados.
  • Throw in the rest of the onion.
  • Dice up the rest of the cilantro. This can be roughly chopped or finely…up to you.
  • Add the juice of 1/2 or 1 full lime (up to you again).
  • Again with the sea salt, pepper and stir. Let it stand.


  • Slice up 1/4 of a cabbage into long, thin strips then place the shreds into a small bowl.
  • Add juice of 1/2 a lime and sprinkle with sea salt. Mix it up.
  • Let this puppy stand for 1/2 an hour…not much longer.


  • After 20 minutes, check to see if they are cooked through by cutting the thickest one in half and checking for pink. If they are still pink, throw them back in for a bit…checking regularly till done. If they are cooked through, remove them and place them on a cutting board. Now you can shred them. Use your hands after they’ve cooled or get right in there while they’re hot with a couple of forks. Shred shred shred (not as cool as shredding mountain powder but very cool just the same).

All your ingredients are done so go ahead and pile em up in your favourite order (including the sour cream) then EAT. I’ve given you everything you need for a very very low fat meal but you can change this up by adding a few calories. Add shredded cheese, regular sour cream, pull out some tortillas and make a cheesy Quesedilla and use the other dishes for sides (the kids love this). The world is your oyster…or in this case…the world is your burrito.

Also, I almost always have enough left overs for some guacamole on a turkey sandwich the next day or a quick quesadilla reheat lunch for the kids. Maybe some shredded chicken on a caesar salad for dinner? Remember to keep that stuff in mind when making any meal. What can I use this for tomorrow?

Bon apetite!


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