Pajama Jeans! Wtf?

Okay, so I haven’t received a whole lot of love regarding my bra recommendation. In fact I’ve gotten the opposite…no love at all. People no likey the comfort of all comfort for their “girls in top hats” I guess. I have managed to convince one “Negative Nelly” to at least give it a shot. Yeah, that’s right…I’m talking about you Carla. My sweet, supportive & loving friend Carla is going to take one of my new bras and wear it for a day. I feel so confident that she’ll love it, I will be reporting back here to “theskinnyfat” with an honest review from my girl.

I’m still sick as a f*%king dog but tomorrow will be day 4 on antibiotics so hopefully some improvement will finally kick in. My appetite has been small but for some reason I felt terrible with regards to my bod today. Not fat, just…Skinny Fat. Areas that were firming up feel like jelly and I’m not happy about that at all. If only I had a pair of these…

I kid, I kid. Not feeling that desperate quite yet but I do find something about these very appealing. If I was getting no love for my kick ass bras I can only imagine the reaction I’d get if I starting promoting these designer  nifty jeans.


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