C32… or is it B34?

I have no clue what my official bra size is and to be perfectly honest I don’t care. I do have the luxury of of having small breasts I guess, or I should say, women with beautiful larger breasts always tell me I’m lucky. I pretty much have always used the same shape/designed bra since I first dove into Boobs & Cellulite Lake otherwise known as Puberty Sucks Balls Lake (thank God we get out of that lake more powerful). I like simple, comfortable, unnoticeable and pretty. I have scored many a bra at Gap Body. In fact all my cute bras with adorable patterns are from there. Now these bras are great to wear daily but to workout in…I don’t think so. I mean my boobs are small but they’re not that small. So, I use a sports bra sometimes but I don’t even really like wearing those because I’m super lazy and I hate pushing my head and shoulders through that little hole. They are great once they’re on I admit and they hold everything in place while I’m jumping around but what if you could have the best of both worlds? Guess what…you can!

I came across the most incredible piece of fabric a couple of years ago. I was with a few girlfriends heading down to Seattle and I really needed to get a bra to avoid the embarrassment I would feel when the ladies saw the yellow (once was white) bra I had packed. While shopping at the Tulalip Outlet Mall I walked into Maidenform, a bra & underwear outlet shop. I know…sounds horrifying but here’s what I found. A bra that looked like an adult version of a training bra…aka My Dream Bra. It comes in S * M * L (frickin awesome), it clasps in the back, it’s THE most comfortable bra I have ever worn aaaaaaaand it’s the cheapest! Every time I head to Seattle I pick up like 6 and on my last trip in November they were on sale, buy 1 get 1 free and 1 only costs $10.99. They come in a variety of colours but I usually stick to white. Also, I’m  a Medium but I just noticed the one I used for these photo’s is a Large…woops. I would never presume to think that these would work for everyone. I know I have breasts on the smaller side and this is what works for me. I also wouldn’t wear this under a loose tank like you would a cute sports bra, this is simply an unbelievable bra to wear under casual clothes, for a run, hike, workout or any other time you want to be comfortable but not necessarily the sexy minx you usually are. For what it’s worth though, I still feel like a kitten in these little pieces of heaven.

Here are the pic’s and please note that I apologize for the quality of the pictures. I plan on getting a little more serious about my images in the New Year since I will have a little bit more free time on my hands.

Simple But Functional & Comfortable

Awesome Breathable Fabric

Bar Code



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