Measurements 3

I am set to post measurements today as it’s the beginning of the month. It’s looking pretty good on paper that’s for sure but I have to admit, I have been unable to work out recently due to a serious sore throat and congestion (I’ve been hit with every f’ing thing since I started this thing and I am not full of shit either I swear). What this means to me is I’ve had four days that I haven’t been building muscle. I’ve managed to get out for some walks and do a bit of cardio but any time my heart rate goes up and the breathing gets faster I launch into a killer coughing fit. I’ve resorted to using Knox’s infant asthma puffer just for relief which I get very little of. Anyhoo, enough of my bitching. I had planned on videotaping Stretch & I doing the workout today however clearly it is not in the cards now. We are on it next week for sure.

Let’s get to the measurements then shall we? I will show you todays measurements followed by last month and month 1 as well.

  • Weight: 147 lbs (Month 2 – 154 lbs) (Month 1 – 157 lbs)
  • Waist: 29” (Month 2 – 31“) (Month 1 – 31“)
  • Bust: 35.5” (Month 2 – 36.5) (Month 1 – 36.5)
  • Hips: 37” (Month 2 – 37.5“) (Month 1 – 37.5“)
  • Thighs: 22.5” (Month 2 – 23.5“) (Month 1 – 24“)

So improvement for sure but I wanna see more definition!!! It’ll come I know…it’ll come. Gotta go. Knox is making me crazy here slapping at the keyboard.



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