I took a day off to host a Friends & Family Night for our Company last night so I was unable to workout or blog or even see my kids before they went to bed but I’m back today with a lil something for ya. This post is actually dedicated to my awesome friend Nik who you will get to know a little better in the very near future but for now I am just posting this with her in mind. Nicole has been showing some interest lately in taking on the Tracey Anderson Method after reading my blog. Here’s what I calculate when I think of her working out:

  • Nik + Working Out = Treadmill

As long as I’ve known Nik she’s burned her calories on her good ole faithful treadmill (though now she’s burning calories chasing after two boys under the age of 2). She’s worn that “mill” out burning those last few extra pounds before Vegas, she’s run for hours upon hours on it’s rotating belt, she’s hauled that thing into every home she’s ever lived in and believe me, I know…I’ve helped move that sucker more than once. So today I’m posting a YouTube webisode that Tracey put together of her Treadmill Workout. It looks super fun and if I had one of those beasts in my basement I’d be doing this every once in a while to change it up. So take a peek and give it a shot if you’ve got a “mill” in your neck of the “hill” (lame I know but “A” for effort). Seriously, give it a shot. That means you too Meg…I know you’ve got a little tread down under. And no I’m not talking about your lack of grooming.

It’s broken up into 2 parts and BONUS…her guest on these webisodes is model Molly Sims. This looks like a tonne of fun and next time I have access to a treadmill I’m gonna video myself for her Treadmill Contest. I think she hosts one every year!

Enjoy ladies!

Peace out & tonnes of love.


One Comment on “Treadmilling

  1. I used to do this treadmill workout in the gym… people STARE! But it’s loads of fun and a wicked way to burn through an hour of cardio.

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