8 Week Recap

Yes, it’s been 8 weeks since I began my mission of leaving my skinny fat body and lifestyle for a long and lean one. I still have a ways to go before I reach my goal but I am definitely on my way and I’m really enjoying the ride. I’m going to do a quick recap here in point form. It will be short and sweet but to the point.

  • The hardest thing by far has been the cutting out of certain foods.
  • I’m shocked at how much I’m enjoying working out. SHOCKED!
  • Have definitely evolved from running, hiking, yoga, swimming etc. etc to almost always Tracey Anderson Metamorphosis. I’m pretty involved in this program now and am liking the results.
  • After taking my before and afters today (I’ll be posting those tomorrow) I realized I can’t be wearing black any more cause you just can’t see any results from the waist down so I’ve had to switch it up to something lighter. Inconsistent but effective.
  • I’m so pleased to know I can work out while the kids are around. Sometimes it’s more difficult than other days but generally works like a charm.
  • I make very little time to prepare healthy food. I HAVE to work harder on this. Food is  80% of the battle and I’m losing that one.
  • Vialus Shakes have been a Godsend for my mornings…MUST order more.
  • I’ve almost bitten off all my fingernails from watching Homeland (and I don’t even normally bite my nails).
  • My blog posts are going to start being more sporadic. I can’t maintain a Monday through Friday routine so I will be doing 3 – 5 a week but some will land on a weekend.
  • I can guarantee you all a very entertaining December. I have a few exciting things up my sleeve so keep checking in.

Last but most importantly (I can’t make this a bullet point), I am so grateful to my dear girlfriends for checking in on me via this blog. I’m thankful to you for keeping me honest, for your words of wisdom, your humour and your comments. For your helpful hints, your love & friendship and for caring enough about this foolish girl that you continue to support her as she work towards her goal. I am truly, so blessed.




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