Hickory Dickory Sticks

That’s right, as I write to you at this very moment I nibble on a bowl of lovely, salty and super savoury Hickory Sticks. No I have not caved and no I am not having a bad moment I just really wanted them and if I don’t do this once in a while this whole thing will go to pot. I had bought a bag at Cash’s request so I could put a few in each of the boys lunch tomorrow. How could I say no when “tomorrow” is the kid’s 7th birthday? Which leads me to the other reason I’m nibbling away…I’m celebrating. 7 years ago tomorrow (or today as you read this) I gave birth for the very first time to the most amazing kid and since I won’t be indulging in the cake, I’m indulging now. Plus, I had a killer workout this evening, wrapped some gifts, then showered, shaved and now I’m here kinda watching The Voice and writing to you. I’m loving this moment.

I may have to pass on tomorrows post due to Cash’s big day. I’ll try but we do have some company coming over so it might get late. I’ll be here Thursday though. I’m hoping to post a couple stills of my new favourite leg exercises. Tracey’s bringing it these days my friends. BRINGING IT!

Here’s a lil pic of my sticks. Le sigh

Num num num num num

And a sweet toast to my darling Cash.

To a boy you truly inspires me and blows me away with his mind and sweet little soul. I love you!

My Darling Boy

The bowls empty. Boooo…


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