Definition of ARM


Crappy weekend. Came down with the flu Friday and was puking all night. I felt better in the morning and managed to get out for a little bit but was back in bed making up some sleep from the night before for the rest of the afternoon. The super crappy thing was missing out on the great weather. It was a spectacular weekend and a little run might have been in the cards had I not been hugging the toilet.

Anyhoo, I do have some good news…for me anyways. I found a little bit of definition in my arms this morning. You’re gonna laugh because you probably won’t be able to see much of anything from these pictures but I swear I see a change and I have NEVER had definition in my arms before which is ridic if you ask me. I’ll just keep attacking the Tracey Anderson workouts and see if these results continue to grow. Also, my stomache has become nice and flat recently although I think this is more a result of the flu. Unfortunately I think it will make a small comback before it goes away for good.

Definition 1

Now this probably looks like nothing to you but to me my upper arm always looked like one of those frozen tubes of stuffing or ground lamb. I’m telling you…I see something there my dears.

Definition 2

And now this is where I see the most results. It’s a bad picture I know but I took it as I was running out the door this morning (Nice toilet seat up in the background I know). If I ever flexed in the past I’m telling you there would be nothing, nada, ziltch and I see something there. I’m kind of excited about this sistas.

Lastly, Holy Shit Homeland. The upside to being sick and up half the night due to achy bones and fever was the fact that I got to watch Homeland Season 1. This is heart pounding, incredible writing and super addicting stuff. It is a must watch! Just make sure you’re prepared to end every episode disappointed that you have to wait any period of time before starting the next one. Or, wait till you get the flu to watch it then you can be like me and go mad, almost insane, waiting to start the next season. I had a dream that I was deactivating a bomb last night…after being chased by a bunch of crazies. I am Carrie…in my dreams/nightmares. Checkit!


One Comment on “Definition of ARM

  1. Karen you are looking great!! Your stomach looks so flat to. Keep it up. I am going to need tips from you post baby. Xo

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