Workout Gear Upgrade

Tonights workout kicked ass! I feel great and I am so excited to show you the 2nd Tracey Anderson workout in a few weeks. It introduces more intricate moves at a much faster pace. It is sooo much fun! I have no idea why I waited so long to move on to the next workout. I’m a moron. Tracey even says in the new video that things are going to be a little more complicated because the first workout is intended to introduce us to the moves and to help us become familiar with how the method flows. Now we take it up a few notches and I am super pumped about this thing now. If I noticed changes up until now I think I’m going to be blown away with the next before and afters. Especially since I’m doing 6 days on/1 day off. It’s going to be insane.

Anyhoo…Today I’m just going to post a little wish list for some gear. This comes after some incredible news…my pants are starting to slip down while I workout. Tis true my dears. I’m frickin dropping sistas! So this is what I want next:

I want the jacket and the ear covers for running. My ears always kill after a cold run. This should help.

Love the zip up jacket for before & after workouts just to throw on. LOVE these pants too and want them bad!

I want the whole damn thing. Wouldn’t mind going for a run through the backdrop either.

Gotta get the tank!

And this one too.

For a cute crop pant, I adore these.

Must get these shoes!!!!!

And lastly I thought I’d ad a little pic I took tonight of my body.


Oops…did I say my body? I meant my dream body.



3 Comments on “Workout Gear Upgrade

  1. K, I just wanted to say thanks for leaving my face out of the last picture.

    kisses, keep up the good work. Think Im going to ask for the TA video for xmas, which one should I get.

    • I would get Omnicentric. It’s the one that works the body all over. I got Hipcentric to focus on my butt & thighs but I’m definitely getting Omni next…soon! Maybe Santa will stuff it in my stocking right next to the Coldplay Live DVD! You won’t regret it Nik. I’m addicted.

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