More Tracy Anderson…sorry.

Today went really well. Shake for breakfast, granola bar snack (just peanuts…falls apart like crazy but high in protein etc. etc), a little bit of rice (like one large cereal spoon full) covered in this killer shrimp stir fry my sitter made which is packed with veggies. It doesn’t really sit in a sauce but has tonnes of flavour. I’m definitely getting the deets on that one. Snack around 4:00 was some left over Oven Roasted Tahini Cauliflower I made last night. Mmmmmmmm it was good. It’s on my food page on Pinterest…if you Pin. Anyhoo, for dinner we ate some roast beef with broccoli and rice. For me it was 1/3 the amount of beef I would normally shove down my throat (insert joke here) and no rice since I had the bit of rice for lunch. Again, I don’t ever plan on being so strict with my diet that I’m either starving myself or just not enjoying what I eat. I simply have waaaay too much respect for my tastebuds.

My Little Afternoon Snack YUM!

This is where Tracy comes in. With the DVD’s I got there is 1 cardio workout which you do each day you workout without fail, always. There are also 9 separate non cardio workouts (arms, abs, legs) that you do following your cardio. In order for results Tracey says to do each (non cardio) workout 9 days straight (6 days working out, 1 day break) then move on to the next workout. I have been doing the first one this whole time because I think I got good at it, got used to it, got comfortable doing it. Today I went down to do the cardio and couldn’t do it due to my calf injury. No problem, hit the bike for 35 minutes hard. Afterwards I thought I’d just see what the next workout was like…maybe try IT today. Holy shizballs…there were some moves in that thing that I didn’t even know existed and they worked my abs hard. I was laughing out loud at myself doing them. Cash came in to see if I was okay. Oh my lord. But where I’m actually going with this is…I was sooo impressed that she puts this stuff together. It’s just so very different from anything I’ve ever tried before. So different and honestly fun to do.

A Sad Alternative to Tracey’s Cardio Till My Leg Heals. Booooooo…

Here’s what I’m going to do. This weekend I will record myself doing the arms and abs portion of the first workout since I’ve pretty much got it nailed and it’s generally pretty straight forward. I’ll also show you what I do for legs but I’ll do just one of each since it goes on and on and on and on. The reason I want you to see what I’m doing is truly because I’ve become a huge fan of what Tracey does and I’d like you to get a better idea of what it’s about. Maybe you’ll decide to order the DVD’s yourself or just do a little more research on her method if you want. I’m telling you, besides having my boys, marrying R Jizzle and surviving my 20’s… it’s one of the most impressive things I’ve ever done.

Well, I’m off to Seattle first thing. I’ll be sure to pick up some newer and more impressive gear for my videos. And yes, I’ll get a pair or two of some fancy panties for my cellulite pic’s ladies.

Peace out!

Side Note: Do you ever have what feels like a really great workout but then you still feel like a fat pig after? That happened to me tonight…I’m confused. I could usually swear I lost 2 lbs. after a workout not gained: (


4 Comments on “More Tracy Anderson…sorry.

  1. I will be checking out that cauliflower goodness on your pinterest page. Looking forward to seeing your new undies on the update shot.
    PS on your side note remember this is a marathon not a sprint, go easy on yourself you are doing fanfrickintastic!

  2. Love that cauliflower recipe! I agree with Nic, you are doing great, don’t be hard on yourself! Have fun in Seattle. Xoxo

  3. Can’t wait to see the clips!!!! I am starting to drink the kool aid and think I need to pick up a DVD set too!!! Your doing amazing !!!!

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