Before & After 11.15.12 (6 weeks)

Here we go again…Before & After’s. Waaaaahhhh. I was very nervous about this one because of my rough patch last week and I do think it affected the results unfortunately. I obviously see some improvement looking at these compared to the first week but very little from the last time I posted Before & Afters (I quickly compared them on my computer). I just really want to see the end result so badly. One very exciting thing for me however, is the steady decline in body mass and steady improvement. Any time I managed to lose weight in the past it was a quick result and I would always feel deprived of something (usually lots of food).  I’m almost 6 weeks in and I’ve never enjoyed working out more in my life. I eat like a real person with just a few simple adjustments and I can have a plate of chinese food at a family gathering because I’m not doing anything drastic. The biggest shock to me so far has to be my looking forward to working out. In fact I pulled my calf last night at the end of my workout and since I couldn’t finish the last 10 minutes of cardio I did extra leg lifts and abs. Today I rode the bike and was so bummed I couldn’t do my Tracey Anderson. Luckily the calf heals quickly and I would be very surprised if I couldn’t do TA tomorrow.

Let’s just get to it then. I’m still trying to figure out how to get these pictures the exact same size every time. It’s a bunch of pixel details I know nothing about so it’s hard to see an exact comparison. I am however now wearing the same gear ever time I take the pic’s as per my girl Nik’s suggestion. I think I should also start taking them in better light. One area that looks the most noticably improved to me is my thighs and you can’t even see them in these pictures so I’m gonna work on that. Anyhoo…here goes nothing:




One Comment on “Before & After 11.15.12 (6 weeks)

  1. Looking good K! The best part is that you are enjoying it. Now we need to get you enjoying healthy meals and regular eating schedules. This can be done, I promise I am enjoying the change in my lifestyle. I even brought homemade cookies with me to the mall to snack on in between dress shopping.

    Love you, keep it up sista!

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