With or Without Kids

Today I’m talking a little bit about making time for a workout. I’ve had a couple of comment/questions on this blog and personally about how I find time to the get the workouts in and to be honest it hasn’t been super easy. Generally I do my TA when Cash & Jude are at school and Knox is napping or, (on the days that I go to the office) when all the boys are in bed at the end of the day (this one hurts). After I’ve tucked the last little nugget in, I just want to curl up in front of the TV and veg out. The last thing I want to do is put on gear and work up a sweat. I do it… but I don’t like it.

There have been so many times when it’s raining outside at around 10:00 in the morning on a Saturday or Sunday and I get the urge to do a workout. If only the kids were all at a play date right now! Well today I decided to screw the play date dream and just do this thing. I thought…the kids can just deal with it! What I expected was; screaming from Knox, him grabbing at my legs, constantly pointing at things he wanted me to get him but he was super intrigued. As you will see in the video I eventually decided to take, he sat and looked back and forth at me and Tracey for the first 10 minutes. He was completely taken with the whole thing. Then that got boring for him. Jude also entered the scene seeming a bit confused and (after watching his mom try her best) concerned. The reason I video taped it is because they were so cute and I wanted to show you that I now have proof of one less excuse to work out. I have to say…the video taping helped me out in turn as you will see. Knox was quite taken with himself…like really smitten. I now see there’s always a way to incorporate the kids in with the whole thing. I did it again this evening before putting Knox down for the night. This time there was no iPhone videotaping and he was still fine…he danced most of the time. Generally my kids LOVE the loud music which helps. Bottom line; this opens up a whole world of opportunity for me with regards to my free time that I never knew was possible. In fact I put Knox down tonight at 7:30, it’s now 8:00 and I can do whatever I want for the next few hours. Here I come bath!

In this adorable little video (which I took with my iPhone so bare with), I couldn’t hear myself over the music so I’ve added some fancy subtitles. There’s no real rhyme or reason to this thing as I was winging it and originally had no plans to video tape anything on Saturday. That will be pretty obvious when you witness my lack of makeup and unkept hair. The kids are adorbs though.



5 Comments on “With or Without Kids

  1. 1:15 gets me every time!! Ryan and I howled! Such a great video. When I meet Tracey in March I’m showing her your blog.

  2. If I didn’t know you better, after viewing this, I might give you Super Mom status. Nice work, Breezy. Breakthrough stuff!

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