A Day in the Life of Someone Getting Back on Track

I hope you all had a relaxing long weekend and welcome back to TheSkinnyFat.

Friday was a huge turning point for me in that it turned me back in the right direction. I got so much done with regards to this, my project, that I thought I’d go ahead and document the day.

My New (but old) Quick Breaky

I started off my day with a “Body by Vialus” shake. Two scoops of the powder with Almond Milk. It is super tasty. In fact it’s one of the best health shakes I’ve ever had so it’s easy to drink and is actually something I look forward to because I know it has everything I need as a meal replacement. When I have a shake I’m not concerned about whether or not I’ve eaten enough that morning. Perfect for those crazy busy mornings…not every day.

Next, we dropped Cash & Jude off at school then Knox and I headed to the market. I had a tonne of shopping to do. Because Knox was so good in the grocery store, I was able to really take my time and go through each and every isle to see what extras I may need for the week ahead. I remember from the “South Beach Diet” to get most of my groceries from the outside isles since they are usually fruit, veg, dairy etc. so I took lots of time picking the best produce. In fact, the apples I picked looked so good I couldn’t resist snacking on one for the drive home. Dayam girls, it was good…and I don’t even like fruit!

Knockadoo in the Shopping Cart


Then it was home with Knox to bed and then my little rendezvous with TA. I obviously am doing way more Tracey Anderson than I had initially intended but it is so convenient for me and I am starting to really look forward to doing it. It’s kind of like rehearsal every day and I feel like I’m practicing and perfecting a dance. Now I really want to order her dance program even more. Gasta nail this one first though. I took more video on Saturday (which you’ll see tomorrow) and I really want to look less gangly. More taught and tough and strong is where I’m wanting to go.

Me & My BFF (though she doesn’t know it)

After my workout I lay down on the couch to relax and passed right out for 20 minutes. Oh man it felt good but I had to get up and do some online work at the office before waking Knox up to go grab the boys from school. A huge part of me wanted to stay curled up on the couch, drooling all over my couch cushions but I knew I’d regret it if I did…not to mention if I went too deep into sleep Cash & Jude would be kicking stones on an empty playground thinking “where’s my mommy?”. Anyhoo…I had about 45 minutes to get shit done and so I did.

Once we were back from picking the boys up from school, I realized I was super hungry. Then I realized…I never ate lunch! Soooo I got cracking on dinner. I had some pasta sauce frozen so I put that on the stove at a low heat and then helped the kiddies raked some leaves. Bless their little hearts. At around 5:30, after taking a cruise through the hood and riding some bikes we headed inside. I steamed some broccoli for myself and noodles for the kids and voila…my old faithful dinner was ready in under 30.

Tripple Cute Landscaping Co.

Dinna is Served

We had NO sports Friday night and since RJ took the older boys to a movie, I put Knox down at 7:00 and watched Footloose guilt free. My workout was out of the way early, I had eaten well all day (minus the lack of lunch) and I also had a great afternoon with the kidlets…doesn’t get much better than that!

Hope you enjoyed my day in the life.

Peace out!


One Comment on “A Day in the Life of Someone Getting Back on Track

  1. Only one question came to mind when reading your post….did you wash that apple?

    Good job getting back on track, now, eat at least three meals a day so your body doesn’t store what you eat!


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