Oh Dear

I have issues.

I can’t seem to get a grip on the food thing. I’m really struggling. I’ve already eaten all the food I prepared the other day and tonight I ate a Nanaimo Bar because I was so hungry and it looked frickin delish. I have issues…BUT I will keep on trekking. I came across an unopened package of Vialus which I am definitely incorporating tomorrow first thing. Vialus is a powdered shake made with soy protein that I used about 6 months ago to lose a few lbs. It definitely helped but I was not doing any fitness at the time and was still hitting the Mc Donger’s drive thru at least once a week so I know this will just be another piece of the puzzle which will get me closer to my goal. I also think this will be a no brainer, simple thing to start my day with on days like today when I am running from the moment I get out of bed. And that scenario seems to be daily.

Now, after re-reading that last paragraph, I realized how badly I am still looking for the quick and easy fix for food and I realized I have to go somewhere with you here and I’m going to be very clear with you about something; I am sadly a very very disorganized person. I mean, I do have some top top top priorities which I make sure get done. For example; my kids being safe, being well fed and having an active and exciting life. That they are given lots of love, that they have manners and can come home to a stable and safe environment they call home. I make sure, without a doubt that all of these things get done. The reason I am telling you this is because in order for me to guarantee these things get done, this very disorganized person ends up letting other things drop down on the scale of importance. Like my toenails getting cleaned up, like buying sexy panty’s (as many of you pointed out after seeing my “Cellubut” picture), getting to the salon for a hair cut (which I desperately need right now) and…oh hell…getting my bush trimmed or having a freaking shower for that matter. I am not feeling sorry for myself here at all. Some of this stuff I really don’t even care about, like my bush for example. But what I’m getting at is the fact that, with my already very disorganized personality type, I am finding it very difficult to make time for my workouts, to prepare food, to eat healthy food for Christ’s sake. I know this is a slump and I believe with all my heart that when I reach my goal this period will be a teeny tiny blip on the timeline. I also have faith that this will become a lifestyle for me at some point…it’s just harder than I thought it would be. I started out with such a punch…who was I kidding thinking it would always be so smooth.

That said, I do get mid day tomorrow and mid day Friday to do my workout as I’ve had some scheduling changes this week so I’m looking forward to that time to myself to get back on schedule. I’m also going to load up at the grocery store and do 10 times more prep than I did last time. I think tomorrows post is going to be a little more refreshing and motivating…I just seem to be letting a bit out tonight. Thanks for listening to me vent. And thanks for being there.

Holy man…this post was to be about Vialus and I just went right off on a tangent.

Love xox,



7 Comments on “Oh Dear

  1. Karen, don’t get discouraged, you, me, every human being has a tough day, week, month. I cant believe you have been able to do what you have with four kids (yep I am including everyone allergic to the dishwasher). Skip a blog (even though its the highlight to my day) and use that time to prep for your healthy meals. Once you get this down you will be laughing. And you will be surprised at how little time it does take to make the healthy choice once you set yourself up.

    Lov ya, stick with it and ask for help!

    • Thanks Nikki. You have been so encouraging and super helpful and I really, truly appreciate it. I’m making one of your salads tomorrow for lunch! xox

  2. You’re probably not eating enough throughout the day. Keep a food journal for the next week, I’d be interested to see what you’re eating exactly and how much. There could be some empty calories in there. For me to loose a pound a week, I needed to drop 3500 calories out of my weekly diet, that worked out to1500 cal daily allowance. It’s surprising how much food that can be + that also allows you 6 glasses of wine a week. Call me, I’ll give you some great snack ideas.

    Also, please start taking more time for yourself! Those kids are so lucky they have such a great mom but you’re just as important as they are! Be a little selfish.. (coming from a non-parent) lol.

    • Definitely not eating enough and that was proven to me today by way of a huge headache. Thanks for your support Stretch…you’re the best! xox

  3. If you choose to monitor your intake, this is the best, most convenient calorie-counter site I have found. http://www.everydayhealth.com It has tons of foods preloaded in it, (including nanaimo bars), so you don’t have to enter all the specs in yourself. I use it, and with a body like mine — you know it works 😉

  4. Don’t let a fricken Naniono bar derail u it’s a small small thing your on track girl just keep going!!!! Xo
    Ps don’t neglect the bush!!

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