Video Killed the Radio Star…

…and hopefully it doesn’t kill all of you here today. Seriously, have your expectations way low for this and just take it for what it is. A fun 5 minute video that allows you to get an idea of what the Tracey Anderson Cardio workout is all about and for me it’s a great way to see my improvement.

Next time I post a video I promise to have a more beautiful background. RJ was shaking his head in disappointment at my cluttered backdrop but I explained to him that I’m doing this while Knox is down for a nap and just before I start getting his dinner prepped so I’m not super concerned about the look of it all. Secretly I agree with him though and I’ll try to make it nicer next time…maybe have the fire crackling in the background!

Sorry about the corner of my couch being in the second half as well…I obviously bumped it as it looked perfect before I walked away. And lastly, I mentioned earlier that this was whipped together really quickly and it was…in like 15 minutes. I just wanted to post some video on this freakin blog and when I figured it out I whipped this up as a tester. Now I’m using it as my official 1st video. In the future there will be much more time spent on videos (since I love doing that sort of thing) therefore there will be less inconsistencies.

I’ve been averaging this workout about 2-3 times a week up until now. My new goal is 3-4 times a week since I like it so much. I also think the combination of doing this more frequently while eating a much stricter diet will show some killer results come December 1st. Just in time for me to throw it all away with sugar cookies, too much wine, bailey’s, turkey, egg nog, mince meat pies, gingerbread men…..kidding, kidding, kidding!!!



2 Comments on “Video Killed the Radio Star…

  1. Sweet! You were waaaaaaaaaaay better right off the bat then I thought you were going to be. I was expecting to die laughing. But I guess I was thinking about how I would look doing her workout. That would be much funnier! Keep it up, you have inspired me to go out and get her workout. Thanks for the inspiration K. xox

  2. Great job Karen!! You are looking great. I totally see a change already. Legs looking are lookin good. Totally doing this post baby. Xo

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