Before & Aft’s 10.28.12

Before I get into the before and after shots I want to apologize for having posted nothing Friday morning. I don’t want anyone to think I’m slacking off…just got super busy and in turn was super tired. I’m realizing quickly that the odd post will have to be skipped on occasion. I’m okay with that if you are (which I’m most definitely sure you are). Thanks guys!

This week is going to be a good one. I finally got some video working on the blog so you can look forward to seeing some regular footage of me looking like a fool from now on. But…

…for now let’s get started on the before & after shots. I’m not totally blown away by the results after 28 days however I am definitely seeing improvement. My back bothers me. I feel like I look massive and soft and round from behind. The shoulders, the muffin top, I mean really…it’s depressing. My back was aching after yoga (in a good way) so I’m going to make absolutely sure I do at least 1 class a week from now on.  I do think that once I start incorporating a more strict diet in November, these before and afters will show much more definition and change. I really look forward to that. Oh and my posture, my off kilter body frame is like a Picasso and, the shoulders.?.I could go on and on. Waaaaaaahhhhhh.

Not giving up yet my darlings.

Here goes nothing…

A Little Dough Shaved off the Muffin Tops

A Little Jelly off the Belly and I Think My Butt Just Might be Lifting. YAY!

This is Absolutely Horrifying to Me


3 Comments on “Before & Aft’s 10.28.12

  1. Huge difference! Especially on the mid-section. They say that’s where it comes off first, so the rest will follow! Impressive!

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