Nuh Night

This is lame. I know. But I have to be honest. I’m about to enter day 4 with RJ being out of town and I am soooo so tired that I have to just watch Survivor and go to bed. My brain is at a melting point from dealing with children and my energy level is at about a 3 out of 10 (0 being dead). Not to mention that my legs, from doing the stairs the other day, are in so much pain that it feels like someone managed to remove my leg skin while I slept last night. This person then accessed the muscles in my calves and thighs and filled them with millions of little staples and then carefully replaced my leg skin and every time I move a leg…F*CK THAT HURTS! And I’ve given birth…3 times. When Knox got up this morning, it took me an honest minute or two to get out of the bed then I “ooooh oooooh oooohed” & “eeehh eeeeh aaaahhed” all the way to his room. Don’t even ask what it was like crouching down to pick him up. Holy crap! A physiotherapist friend of mine said it takes 48 hours for the muscle pain to really kick in and boy was she right. Last night I was at least able to ride the bike but I’d be crying if I was riding that little bastard right now.

Anyhoo, RJ gets home tomorrow so I can look forward to a nice evening run which I am really excited about. Supposed to be nicer weather tomorrow too and I am looking forward to doing some trails with my iPod Shuffle for 45. Aaand I get to have the whole family under one roof again tomorrow night. Speaking of…this is very unusual but I will post a little pic of the fam damily that we took the other day with the auto timer on the camera. Always good for some gonger action.

Peace out!

P to the ARRYS


3 Comments on “Nuh Night

  1. Get some Arnica. It’s a natural healing drug that helps a ton with recuperating muscles. You just pop a couple after your workout! P.S. Don’t you miss Coach a.k.a. The Dragon Slayer?

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