Green With… Tea

Good and Good For You

Today I’m going to ramble a bit about health (beneath the bones and muscles). On my “About” page I mention briefly my genetic history with regards to health and within that I mention the fact that my mom passed away from Cancer. This happened in 1994 when she was at the very young age of 50 (just 12 years away from where I’m at now). Well, her mother also died at a young age (48) of the same type of cancer so you can imagine the small blanket of fear I live under. I don’t mean to be overly dramatic and I have a fabulous life that I enjoy to the max but it’s always there…just under the surface. If I see a strange freckle, have regular headaches for a couple of days or have a little spotting a couple of days before my period actually starts I fear the worst. Now, because I want to have the longest and loveliest life possible I’ve got to clean up my act with regards to diet and start incorporating some preventative measures.

Green Tea is scientifically proven to help prevent cancer and cardiovascular disease not to mention it’s proven to be very beneficial with regards to diabetes, reducing high cholesterol and weight loss. I won’t go into how it does any of this as I’m not a Scientist, Doctor or Naturopath and I will mess it up somehow but I will however pass you onto some informative links if you’re interested in reading more about it’s benefits.

And there is so much more info on the web as well.

Here’s how green tea is an important blog post for me today; I plan on incorporating at least 1 cup of green tea a day into my program. Since we all know how to boil some water in a kettle and pour it over a tea bag, below I have posted a cold green tea recipe which is soooo good and an awesome treat to keep in the fridge. I’ve made this only a couple of times in the past but when I do make it (much like when I get busy with RJizzle) I think to myself “why don’t I do this more often”. Give it a shot and if you feel like something other than H2O for a cool refreshment this one’s a winner.



  • 8 cups of cold water
  • 1 1/4 – 1 1/2 cups of granulated sugar (or in my case 1/2 – 3/4 cup agave syrup)
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 1 lime sliced into rounds (like the picture)
  • A few sprigs of fresh mint
  • 6-8 bags of green tea


In a big pot, pour in cold water and agave syrup. Turn on the heat, and stir until the water becomes translucent (sugar dissolved if you’re using that) and is well heated. Cover the pot of agave water, and allow the mixture to boil. Meanwhile, place the green tea bags in a large container (with a lid) that can handle hot water and quick temperature changes. Once the water boils, turn off the heat, and immediately pour the agave/sugar water into the large container. Cover the container and allow the tea to sit or steep and cool for 10 minutes. After the tea has cooled add the lime juice, lime slices and mint sprigs and stir. Then place the container in the refrigerator, or pour yourself a glass full of ice!

Give it a whirl and prevent away!!!

Side note: My legs are killing me today. KILLING ME!


4 Comments on “Green With… Tea

    • No one is as proud of anyone as I am of you. Rambling on about you again in the LV Delaneys this morning…I think when I do that people think “Carla’s got an obsessed stalker”. Love you!

  1. Speaking of your legs… when are we doing the stairs again? 5 rounds this time?
    PS. you don’t need the agave syrup either, it’s just as bad as sugar.

    • Frick…they’re even worse today. So bad that I told a physiotherapist I know at the school. I can barely walk down stairs. She said 48 hours is the worst and I thought yesterday was bad. On the bike again tonight for sure. Holy nightmare…stairs again Monday though?

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