Two Thumbs Down…

…that’s what I’m giving myself after this weekend. My physical activity was limited aaaand I had some fabulous (as in “not” low fat) meals. Friday went pretty well I guess. I ate really well all day and was busy running around with Knox getting shiz done but there was no workout to be had. My buddy Megan (aka.Meags) came over and we had all the best intentions to do the Tracey Anderson workout but after a couple of Skinny Bitch cosmopolitans, we worked out not. We had a very healthy turkey sandwich for dinner though…not bad…just a bit lame for a Friday night meal. Sorry Meg.

Saturday we started early with sports, my Auntie’s morning Birthday brunch and then my brother came back to our place with his daughter for a visit before we headed out for the night. We managed to go for a bit of a walk with the toddlers to a local park. On the way back it started to rain. RJ pulled up, on his way home from a hockey game so Fraser, his daughter Bailey and Knox jumped in the car with him and I ran the rest of the way. All at a slight incline, it was a very short run (like 5 minutes) but I’m counting it because I did almost nothing else all weekend and I’m grasping at straws here.

Saturday night we got together with some great friends of ours for a little something we call “Gourmet”. We take turns hosting a dinner (sans children) every couple of months. The host prepares the main course while each of the other couples prepare the rest. A starter, a salad, a side dish and dessert. Along with your course you provide two bottles of wine to pair with your contribution. Whichever course you choose to prepare has to be “gourmet” as in, made from scratch. In other words no frozen Costco spring rolls as an appy or DQ ice cream cake for dessert. The food was ridiculously good. Like ridiculous! Every course was just so delicious and full of flavour. There were some serious calories consumed in food and maybe even more in wine however I managed to pass on desert which wasn’t easy but a choice I made for less regret.

Sunday, Cash got to go on the field with the Whitecaps which consumed more of the day than you’d ever think so I just did that and ate mini donuts (see Tweet for visual mmmmmmm).

Please enjoy a couple images of the food I ate at this dinner and I encourage you to get your best buddies together to do something similar. Unfortunately I didn’t get an image of every course. We had such an amazing time and it was such a lovely evening and it was all sooooo good…okay I’ll shut up.

Special thanks to the first Gourmet hosts Ryan & Tonya…you nailed it! NAILED IT!

The Beautiful Table & First Course “Meatballs with an Unbelievable Tomato Sauce”

Second course “Tomato & Buratta Salad” Yummm…

The best “Chicken Parmesan”. RJ definitely wants me to make this.

Peace out!


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