Stairway to Shaky Legs

Today I did the flight of stairs behind Save-On-Foods on Marine Drive 4 times with Stretch. It was like a walk in the park for her but my legs were shaking after the 4th set. I will definitely make that a bit of a regular thing. I was shocked at how hard it was for me since the flight of stairs is actually not that long. The Tracey Anderson cardio I’ve been doing concentrates on muscle definition and is not as much of an “out of breathe” workout as it is an “oh my lord my body is working hard” workout and I really want to get my cardio in a better state. With that said, the biggest thing I realized today was that my leg strength is minimal hence my desire to continue with the stairs on a regular basis. Maybe I’ll tie them onto the end of a run or something as it’s a short workout but kills the legs so would be a great thing to finish off with.

I ate really well today but again no breakie however I had a really good chat with my very dear & beautiful & organized friend Nik and she gave me a tonne of great ideas for a hectic schedule. Did you know you can make little frittatas and quiches in a muffin tin and freeze them? Then you just throw them in the microwave for 20 sec’s as you walk out the door for work. Stay tuned for some images attached to a killer low fat frittata recipe I have. What would I do without the Nikki’s in my life? Thanks girl…love you!

Here’s an iPhone pic of the stairs.




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