Today I went to Hot Yoga. My neck and back are still bothering me and I thought the heat and stretching would be good for the muscles and the sweating might help to lose a lb. or two. What I wasn’t expecting was that my legs were going to feel like rubber after. I was honestly afraid I might not make it to the car…seriously. To my surprise it was a really great, full body work out. At the very end when we were asked to hold the bridge position I was sweating so much my elbows slid to the end of the mat and down I went. Of course I was the only tool who didn’t bring a towel (rookie move) so I was sliding all over the place. All in all it was a super workout though and the bonus treat was to be able to walk out the door heading to class with Knox melting down about something and Cash & Jude fighting. Buh bye…

Home now, on my bed, writing this and anticipating what I will do tomorrow. Cash & Jude have a professional day so the house will be full. Maybe if the rain lets up I can take them to the local park and run the track while they play or Tracey Anderson while Knox naps. I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

For now, have a great weekend and I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of me in the (can’t remember the name so I’ll make it up) “Twizzler Pose” cause I could not look at myself in the mirror while doing or everyone in the room would think I was on mushrooms.

Peace out!



One Comment on “Namaste

  1. I sweat like a fool in those classes. I have a 10 pack at Yogapod on Esplanade. They have great late classes, (put the kids to bed and go), Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:30pm. I’ll be starting that soon if you want to try it out.

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