NOT Blowing Smoke

I know I’m not even close to being the only person who has a super crazy busy schedule these days and I know we’re all feeling it so I won’t go into the sob story about how my day went schedule wise buuut… (there’s always a but) I do have a little story to tell you.

Because it was another day where I was out the door at 8:30 and going going going till 6:00 I thought, “I think I can get away without a workout today”. The internal debate started around 3:30 when I was heading to the bank with all the kids to finish up a bit of work from the office. I was absolutely confident it would be okay if I skipped a workout considering how much I accomplished today…I deserved a little break. After putting Knox to bed and giving Jude his bowl of ice-cream for dessert, which I had a few bites of (OMG Rolo Ice-Cream with peanut filled mini Rolo’s is frickin ridiculously good), I started the shower and dropped my gear. I stepped in and just started to get my hair wet when I thought about my blog. My bless-ed blog! Even though I only have a couple of sweet little followers it’s enough to have an effect. I jumped out of the shower, dried off and went downstairs and did the whole Tracey Anderson workout and sweated my ass off. I felt like a million bucks after and had a lovely and guilt free shower. I swear on a stack of Holy Bibles this happened and I am not just blowing smoke up your pretty & adorable little assholes. This is working!!! However, there is a downside to this story. When I got out of the shower I couldn’t avoid this in the mirror….


…and realized I’ve still got a loooong way to go. At least I know tonight I jumped one step closer to my goal even if I can’t see it…thanks to you guys.

Love xox

Side note: Not so sure about Brad Pitts new Chanel No. 5 ad. Love him but the ad..?.


9 Comments on “NOT Blowing Smoke

  1. Good girl! Stairs on Monday… cellubutt will be gone in no time. Might I add that it’s not as bad as you think..

    • Thanks honey! And yes, I know, the undies gotta go. For the record I don’t normally take pictures of myself in them…I just couldn’t resist showing you guys how much my trunk looked like the surface of the moon. Uncanny really. K xox

  2. I think I need to take you underwear shopping…..agree with stretch cellubutt is not looking Bad at all! P
    eople would die to have your bum!!

  3. I think that Rob Delany tweeted it best today when he said, “If a woman’s thighs don’t have at least a light dappling of cellulite, I worry they’re not full of yummy thigh meat.” Keep at it Breezy…seriously, keep at it 😉

  4. You guys are nuts…or really good friends. Those ass bumps have put me in the dumps:( Agreed about the panties though T. They’re my cotton briefs “werd”. xox

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