Killing It!

I actually feel like I’m looking less and less like a dorky imbecile when I’m doing the Tracey Anderson cardio workout lately. I mean, I can assure you that I still look like I’m completely uncoordinated and like I may have had some type of brain injury which causes body spasms and unintentional limb jerks but I’m kind of getting it. I predict that by the end of 2012 I’ll have it somewhat nailed. I do have some video from my first attempt so as soon as I figure out my video glitch I will be posting a bit of it. It’s good for a laugh….or a cry.

Today I did the whole Tracey Anderson workout (cardio & muscle). I’ve added a link for you to get an idea of what she does but I’ve added a description how I would explain a small portion of her workouts in a nutshell. Her program is so vast I’m just learning in bits and pieces. Oh and by the way…it wasn’t until I was taking my gear off after the workout that I realized my pants were on inside out the whole time. I’m sure that didn’t add to my hindered mental/physical appearance or anything.


  • Constant choreographed movement, bouncing and dancing while also moving your arms around in choreographed movements.
  • You don’t stop for 30 minutes straight.
  • She works your capillary muscles which makes for longer, leaner & stronger limbs and a tight body.

Muscle Strengthening:

  • She works all parts of the body with repeated movements and exercises i.e.. I do like 100 leg lifts then without stopping continue with 100 leg lifts out to the side then a different variation then another. All without putting your leg down once (unless you think you might be dying which does happen to me on occasion). By the end you’ve done around 400 and you are in serious pain (the good kind). Then onto the other leg etc.
  • She believes we (as in girls) should never use any weights over 3 lbs unless we want to bulk up. 3 lbs is all you need for long and lean which is my ultimate goal.

Here’s the link where Tracey does a 5 minute arm workout. Check it and TRY IT and then imagine doing that for 30 minutes while jumping around doing similar stuff with your legs! And yeah…I know…her body kicks ass!


2 Comments on “Killing It!

  1. Holy shit that was only 5 minutes, my arms hurt just watching it! Think I should invest. Karen, how do you find time to work out with three kids? I have about 2 hours of free time for myself each day and I us that to shower, eat, shit, and read your blog.

    • Check out tomorrows post and you’ll see how close I come to bailing for that exact reason…not enough time! And we both know…I’m not a 6:00am work outer. xoxo

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