This Little Piggy Went to the Hospital

Oh my goodness…I have a love hate relationship with Thanksgiving 2012 right now. I love the fact that we managed a family dinner with both sides of our families but hate thinking about all the food I’ve eaten over the past 48 hours.  I’m lucky that when I started this “skinny fat” venture I decided to focus on the fitness aspect for the first 4 weeks and be lenient with regards to food in order to be able to stick to the dream of achieving my goal. Even though I have given myself a buffer there, it does not stop the guilt. I did say no to dessert but my mashed taters went for a long warm swim in the gravy and when I had only a couple more bites of stuffing left, my plate got lonely and wanted more.

Regarding fitness, I had a great day Friday. My girl Tonya (Stretch) and I did a hike through some of the Lynn Canyon trails and came back to the house and did the Tracey Anderson Muscle Strengthening workout. We killed it!

Saturday; cycled around the hood with the kids, rode the stationary bike and ran up to the end of  our street and did a couple flights of stairs.

Sunday…not so good; I did a serious number on my pinky toe yesterday morning and you would not believe how important that little guy is. I’ve been limping for the past 24 hours and with the exception of some walking and riding a bike around the hood, I’ve been able to do very little fitness.

Monday; I’ve noticed huge improvement with regards to the toe this afternoon and am pretty convinced it’s not broken (very good news). I had planned on doing the Lynn Loop this morning but my toe was still killing me when I got up and then we hosted dinner so I’ll be back on the program tomorrow. I’m doing the whole Tracey Anderson workout tomorrow with or without a super sore toe. I’ve added a picture of my injured little piggy below so you can see I’m not full of shiz.

This weekend in a nutshell:

  • Friday had a great workout
  • Saturday had a good workout
  • Sunday Ouch! F*CK! Stubbed my toe then ate a Yummy Chinese Thanksgiving dinner with the Parry’s
  • Monday ate a Yummy Turkey dinner with the Smiths

Black & Blue

Important note: I’ve decided to do before and afters every two weeks in order to see a difference (hopefully) as opposed to weekly.


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