Now We’re Getting Somewhere

Okay so today went a little bit better. I got a good nights rest last night and managed to get in a great workout by hiking early this evening for about an hour. I am in terrible shape. Terrible! I had to take the kids since RJ’s not back from LA yet and in a way that was a good thing because kids never seem to tire which means I spent most of the time trying to keep up with their speedy little legs. I also had Knox in a back pack. This kid was a solid extra 30 lbs strapped to my back…that was killer. I’m not kidding you, when I took him off at the end it felt like I was levitating. The worst part for me was the flight of stairs on the way back. Going down on the way out was no probs but getting back up gave me flash backs of the Grind. Thank God it’s a fraction of the distance. My legs were frickin shaking with the final 20 steps and felt like rubber when we finally made it home. S’all good though…all good.

A couple of quick notes after today:

  • I have to change my relationship with food. I am realizing quickly the bad habits I’ve developed. Food is going to be a HUGE hurdle.
  • Yoga is going to be very very very important. My back strength and posture are brutal and this is something I really want to correct.
  • Having the kids isn’t something that should keep me from being active. I’ve used them as a major excuse for years.
  • I’m looking forward to tomorrow!

10 minutes in and my back is already aching.

Looking at the stairs I’m about to climb.


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