This is Not Going to be Easy

Firstly I’d like to apologize in advance for this post. Today was the most unfortunate day to be the first of this mission. I went to see Madge last night and the show didn’t end till 12:30 which meant I wasn’t in bed until shortly after 1:30. Knox woke up at 2:30 very sick and congested and was up for the day again at 6:00. We were all out the door for school/work/play/visit with friends by 8:30 and home for dinner at 6:30 after soccer practice not to mention that RJ is out of town till Wednesday so there’s no one to pass the kids off to for a workout. I did manage to ride the bike for 45 minutes at a pretty steady pace but I am definitely not pleased with this workout as I was on the verge of Zzzzzzzzzzz’s the whole time. Not to mention I was super depressed about how out of breathe I was from the ride. Let’s just say I’m a far way away from anything close to the Grand Fondo…I’m like a nice cruise half way around Stanley Park. Oh dear…

Please don’t give up on me right away…I am going hard tomorrow after a killer nights sleep which I desperately need and I also have a little help with Knox so I will be able to get a good workout in. I will also be posting my measurements and weight. I’m going to be comparing these measurements on the first of each month.

Thanks for your patience and see you tomorrow bright & early!



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