And She’s Off

Hi and welcome to my “SkinnyFat” blog. It’s been a long time coming and after moving into our new (temporary) home, getting the kids all set up for school and settling into the new neighbourhood it’s time that I stop with the excuses and get on with this already! I am nervous, excited, giddy, unsure and terrified all at the same time so I can only hope with fingers crossed that this all goes well and is a huge success. Normally I will be posting a short blog post about what I did throughout the day with regards to my fitness and healthy eating however since today is technically still the 30th of September, I took full advantage of my last day of freedom and had a cinnamon scone with butter and a latte for breakfast, a Turkey sandwich with avocado, cucumber and  cheese for lunch and hit Glowbal with a few of my best girls  for dinner before the Madonna Concert. I ate too much for sure but it was worth every bite. Calamari, Lobster Ravioli, Fries & Mussles not to mention the meatball Stretch handed over from her plate and a few bites of chocolate heaven for dessert was definitely the perfect way finish off before diving into my latest adventure.

One of the first things I should say is that I’m a total rookie as far as blogging goes so this will be a bit of a trial & error project. I will work on getting the calendar up and running as well as finding a more original way of posting images & videos. Currently, the images I have posted are smaller than I’d normally go with but this is all I could figure out  (believe me you should be thanking me for not posting them any bigger at this stage). That said, I think if you click on them you can get a better view of my muffin top, voluptuous upper back and flat ass.

This brings me to the inevitable…facing my before pictures. As you can see, I have posted a beautiful picture of me from the front, an even more attractive picture of me from the side and a very sultry picture of me from behind. This is horrifying I know. Without these before pictures though we will never be able to compare my weekly progress nor will we be able to do the standard before & after split screen at the end when I’m all tanned  and groomed with my hair styled and my makeup done. One thing I can promise you is that with each picture (including these) I will exaggerate nothing. I have not pushed out my stomach nor will I suck it in later. I am standing comfortably and this is me honest and true.

I will describe to you over time my routine and agenda as far as a fitness regime goes but I don’t want to be too wordy each day so I will close my first post with this; My goal is that through Yoga & Pilates my posture will improve, through muscle strengthening my butt will lift and my body will become more defined, through hiking my mind will find peace, through sports I will find balance in life, through running I will achieve endurance, through healthy eating I will find good rest and great energy, through my children I will find motivation and through this blog I will find strength.

I’m about to turn this “skinny fat” body into a “long and lean” one.

Let’s get this party started!


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